Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Discover A Momentary Miracle

Each moment is filled with miracles—very special treasures to discover. All we need to do to see miracles is look with a spirit of gratitude.
We usually think of "seeing" with our physical eyes. However, when we begin looking deeper than physical sight, we begin to see the perspectives with which we color our experiences. When we take notice of all that we have to be thankful for, miracles appear.
Today holds the chance to build new dreams, achieve new successes, and show new kindnesses to others. There will be moments in which to see, hear, touch, taste, feel, laugh, and love that we have never had before. Our senses and emotions are the windows through which we view these unrepeatable miracle moments.
Take a few moments just for yourself, and notice what you are experiencing. What do you see? Look around the room. Notice the different shapes, colors, lights, and shadows.
Listen to the sounds around you. Notice how you suddenly became aware of the loudness, textures, and rhythms of various sounds. Notice also any silences.
Notice the sensations of touch and the awareness of aliveness within you from head to toe. Become aware of any smells, or recall a favorite fragrance such as a bouquet of roses, and orchard filled with apple blossoms, or a rain-drenched pine forest.
Be aware, most of all, of the relationships and friendships that have added joy to your life. Notice the various qualities your thoughts give to each of your experiences.
Italian novelist Cesare Pavese (1908-1950), said, "We do not remember days, we remember moments."
If you were to list the greatest miracles in your life, what would they be? Think of those special moments you are grateful for. Then share a miracle with someone today.
May you continue to celebrate all the wonders and precious moments that make your life special!

~ Author Steve Brunkhorst.

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